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OSD Displays has a highly-qualified team with expertise that can make all the difference to your designs. We maintain a highly-qualified team of display professionals that can provide the best guidance to your display requirements and designs. Our senior management has been supporting the industry for 30 years.

Our History

OSD Displays was founded in
2003 in Orlando, FL. We are now
a division of New Vision Display.

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Our organization maintains office locations in California, Illinois, and Florida. Each office equips application engineers, sales, and our customer service departments.

PMLCD Displays

Monochrome LCD Displays including TN, STN, HTN, FSTN configurations. These displays are still highly utilized in the market and are extremely cost-effective solutions.

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AMLCD Displays

Full-Color TFT Displays including TN, MVA, and IPS configurations. These displays are the most commonly sought solution.

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PMOLED Displays

Monochrome, Area-Color, and Full Color passive-matrix OLED products. These displays provide small-format display solutions that are unparalleled and industrial.

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AMOLED Displays

Full-color active-matrix OLED is becoming more common in the marketplace as a new industry 'must have' solution. These displays provide option for very high resolutions and deep color gamut.

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LCD Displays

This technology utilizes liquid crystal fluid to rotate light from passing through polarizing films. The simplistic structure allows for usage of ambient light reflection or in conjunction with a backlight for low-light situations.

TN TFT Displays

TFT is an LCD Technology which adds a thin-film transistor at each pixel to supply common voltages to all elements. This voltage improves video content frame rates. Displays are predominantly utilizing color filter layers and white LED backlighting.

IPS TFT Displays

IPS TFT is a deviation of a traditional TN TFT Display. The most fundamental difference is that light is not rotated in plane and passing through polarizer films, but instead perpendicular to shutter the light. This approach to the technology improves contrast and enables symmetrical viewing angles from all directions.

OLED Displays

OLED Displays are emissive displays and do not utilize liquid crystal. Each pixel is emissive with light. Passive OLED displays multiplex power and logic through the IC. Active OLED displays add a transistor at each pixel to supply power directly to the pixels and the IC only performs logical functions.

NEW: TFT/Monochrome Hybrid

Introducing our new 1024x600 7" hybrid monochrome TFT solution, perfect for both industrial and commercial applications. This module uses both monochrome and TFT technology to offer the user both solutions in one.

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NEW: Portrait Mode 64x128 OLED

Our Portrait orientation 0.96” diagonal PMOLED features a 64 x 128 resolution. It is RoHS compliant and boasts an ultra-high 10000:1 contrast ratio. This module supports 4-bit (16 shades) of grey-scale and wide viewing angles.

OSD Displays
NEW: 1.2" Round AMOLED

Introducing our new 1.2” 390x390 full-color AMOLED. It offers a high 10000:1 contrast ratio and wide viewing angles. The display supports wide operating temperatures from -20C to +60C and storage temperature from -30C to +85C.

OSD Displays

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