One Stop Displays ("OSD") was founded in 2003 focusing on new emerging display technologies including TFT Displays, capacitive touchscreens, and OLED Display products. The company quickly became known as "OSD" by our customers and transitioned our brand name to OSD Displays. In 2015, OSD Displays was acquired by New Vision Display. The OSD Displays brand remains utilized to promote common format displays, and various modifications onto common displays.

New Vision Display (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. ("NVD") is a key subsidiary of the publicly-traded company Tianjin Jingwei Huikai Optoelectronic Co., Ltd ("JWHK"). JWHK is a China public company located in Tianjin, China and is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code 300120).

NVD operates in full autonomy of its parent company with global headquarters in Shenzhen highly experienced sales and technical support staff are located across the US, Europe and Asia. As part of a public company, the access to capital markets enables NVD to reach its business objectives and better serve its customers.

New Vision Display is a manufacturer of displays, touch products, and cover glass products. Technologies include TFT LCDs, monochrome LCDs, active and passive matrix OLED displays, PCAP and resistive touch sensors, cover lenses, and aftermarket screen protectors.

NVD offers a total solution approach, working closely with customers to develop the best solutions for each specific application while OSD Displays division compliments this capability with common and popular size offerings that have public available tooling to utilize for more rapid availability. This collective approach is our effort to meeting the industry's ever-changing demands and wide-range of application needs.

Our Capabilities And Services

Passive Glass Photolithography

Passive structure glass photolithography for optical electronic applications especially LCD and glass capacitive touch sensors.

LCM Assembly

Module assembly including LCD and TFT Displays, Active & Passive OLEDs

IC and Flex Bonding

IC bonding including Chip-On-Glass (COG), Chip-On-Flex (COF), and related flex-to-glass bonding by Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) for display and touch panel modules

CNC Glass Cutting

Waterjet CNC cutting for glass lenses, projective capacitive cover lenses, and removable screen protector lenses.


We specialize in integration bonding for displays to glass lenses and touch panel technologies. Traditional or optical bonding integration types.

Optical Bonding

We specialize in bonding using Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA) films, Liquid OCA resins, and Solid Clear Adhesives (SCA) processes

Touch Sensor Design

We pride ourselves on the ability to design sensors to the most strict application capabilities as well as support general purpose touchscreens. Specific applications like water, saltwater, latex glove, heavy work gloves, and stylus optimizations.

Touch Panel Tuning

We focus on engineering support globally with regionally-based Field Application Engineers (FAEs) that can support local markets with tuning topics for optimal application sensitivity, response, and accuracy.


Customizations can range from minor adaptations to standard offerings for device optimization and compatibility up through fully-custom designs from scratch to detailed requirements.

Our Values

There are many values for corporations, but we like to highlight our highest priority values and commitments for OSD Displays products.

Our values highlight our operational focus and priorities when cooperating with our customers, suppliers, internal employees, governance, and our global responsibilities.

OSD Displays division of New Vision Display is primarily focused towards meeting the needs of customers that hope to not "reinvent the wheel" on each application when possible. This blends standard offerings with customization and collaboration with our customers.



What is a supplier without integrity? Integrity requires characteristics like honesty and accountability. We must be trustworthy to our customers and cooperate with industry providers for our all products and services.


Continuous Improvement

We must strive with our customers, suppliers, to implement corrective processes for ongoing improvement. This includes having humility to recognize quality improvement, supply chain ethics, sustainability, and self-improvement.



We must collaborate with our customers to meet their growing technology needs. Collaboration with suppliers and materials for innovation, quality, customer-specified materials, and supply chain longevity.



The OSD Displays products must be able to bridge the divide between what exists and what our customers need from the products. This requires greater flexibility to adapt to components, supply chain, and higher-mix production needs.