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  • 19 Jan 2016
    New Vision Display Acquires OSD Displays

    ROSEVILLE, CA -- New Vision Display, Inc. (NVD) announces the recent completion of the acquisition of Florida-based OSD Displays - a provider of custom OLED, TFT and STN displays. OSD Displays will continue to support its existing customer base, operating as a division of New Vision Display, Inc. Since founded by Khaled Khuda in 2003, OSD Displays has developed an outstanding reputation in the industry for both product quality and technical support. OSD Displays offers OLED, TFT and STN display solutions for various end-customer applications. The acquisition of OSD Displays adds a vital new category of display technology to NVD's portfolio - that of Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Displays. This display technology is relatively new to the industry and is becoming a high-demand product for many market segments.


    ''We are very excited about this acquisition,'' states Jeff Olyniec, CEO of NVD. ''OSD Displays is a great asset to our company, allowing us to offer an even stronger display portfolio to our customer base.'' NVD's LCD and OLED display panel offerings now range from a 1.5'' to about 22'' diagonal, are RoHS compliant, and are fully customizable to customer needs including with touch and cover lens and other value-added features.



    About New Vision Display New Vision Display is a U.S.-based global leader in innovative, flexible and highly efficient display and touch technology for small and medium-sized applications for industrial, consumer and medical and automotive markets. NVD operates high-end manufacturing and design facilities located in China dedicated to display and touch technologies. NVD's expertise includes display-based passive matrix and active matrix liquid crystal display technology, and module integration with touch panels and lens assemblies. NVD is a one-stop solutions partner for display and touch modules and periphery providing full service product design, new product introduction, manufacturing, logistics and local support. For more information on New Vision Display, please visit our website at



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