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A Message from our CEO

For over 20 years OSD CEO, Khaled R. Khuda, has had the unique advantage to observe the strategic trends as they emerged in the LCD industry. Now as CEO of OSD Displays, he can share these insights for planning and sales of next-generation technology.

At OSD Displays, we are dedicated to helping our clients innovate their end-products by matching their applications with superior display solutions and technology. Our customers continue to be the first priority for all of our staff. We continue to focus on building business relationships and use our customer's feedback for planning industry trends and interests. Our customers are what make us successful, and it is OSD's privilege to be part of the great achievements of our customers.

The lessons we learned in my years of industry support are resulting in more effective product planning, response, and market capitalization.

First and foremost, we historically have seen that all display companies which invested their energy in advancing display technology are now better positioned to take advantage of the next-generation markets. With OSD, we have taken the leadership role in bringing advanced digital TFT displays and new organic displays into the spotlight for our customers.

We also have historically seen that sales of displays is directly proportional to customer awareness of our offerings and ensuring that customers have access and information on the latest technologies in production. Our sales efforts are currently implementing this strategy very effectively. OSD Displays is quickly becoming the name most associated with OLED and PLED technology and our customers are aware of our products within hours of our marketing announcements. This high-speed environment is what brings our customers closer to our manufacturing.

We also witnessed the critical aspect of sales and support to dedicated territories in the last decade. The responsiveness of our sales locally has empowered our ability to streamline communication. Our localized FAE support teams can also make the difference for the results of our end-customers; saving hours for our customers. Our team is comprised of experienced leaders who can consolidate efforts on behalf of our customers and react fast and efficiently. We have a full team of professionals with years of industry experience to best help our customers.

It continues to be my privilege to serve as the chief executive officer of OSD. We are an organization fueled with advanced technology. Our office is comprised of talented personnel that possess the most in-depth knowledge of the display industry, and bring their best ideas to the workplace every single day to empower our customers. That is why OSD Displays is set to shape the future direction of next generation display products.

Khaled R.Khuda
OSD Displays