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Test Measurement

Test & Measurement from OSD Displays

Every manufacturing line, design lab, analysis, and workflow contains devices containing displays. OSD Displays features displays in every facet of the workplace from mining and drilling of raw materials for safety devices to the engineering lab where the devices are made. OSD offers a wide-variety of displays in various formats and sizes for every need including sunlight readability, wide temperature operation, low-light operation, low-power devices, intrinsically safe devices, and wide-viewing angle displays for stationary and fixed-mounted systems.

Scientific Measurement

Example Applications

  • Length and Area
  • Pressure and Volume
  • Weight, Force, Acceleration
  • Temperature

Laboratory Equipment

Example Applications

  • Heating and Cooling
  • Centrifuge and Mixing
  • Microscopes and Optical
  • Sterilization
  • Testers

Meters and Gauges

Example Applications

  • Process Controls
  • Metering
  • Heavy Equipment Instrumentation
  • Calibration and Data Logging

Electrical and Logical Scopes

Example Applications

  • Power Supplies
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Multi-purpose voltage-ohm meters
  • Logic Analyzers

Analyzers and Detection Equipment

Example Applications

  • Gas and Intrinsic Safety
  • Security Checkpoint and X-Ray controls
  • Radiation and Biohazard
  • Thermal Imaging