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Temperature & Environment

Temperature and Environment Applications from OSD Displays

Individual comfort, manufacturing, and processes of all natures can have environmental factors. Managing and optimization of the environment can help create ideal working conditions. From your personal home theater, the factory that your television is made, and the farm that your corn is grown before it is popped environmental monitoring and controls is performed. OSD Displays helps the user interfaces to these monitors, controls, and detection systems.

Lighting Controls

Example Applications

  • UV and IR
  • Home Theatre and Entertainment
  • Photography and Imaging

Humidity and Moisture

Example Applications

  • Process Environment
  • Chemical and Medical
  • Deposition Controls
  • Agriculture and Cultivation

Efficiency and Feedback Controls

Example Applications

  • Hospital, Hospitality, and Venue Efficiency
  • Web-Based HVAC
  • Emissions Regulators
  • Production Environment

Temperature Controls

Example Applications

  • HVAC
  • Heating and Temperature Chambers
  • Freezers and Refrigeration

Ventilation, and Airflow Controls

Example Applications

  • Ventilation
  • Fan and Motorized Systems
  • Drying Systems
  • Emissions Management