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Industrial Controls

Control Applications from OSD Displays

Industrial control devices require solutions that are robust, stable in supply, and rugged to an industrial workplace or operation environment. OSD Displays features select solutions that are high-brightness output, wide-temperature operating and storage, and with long lifecycle availability. With select project requirements, OSD can also optimize modules with modifications and enhancements based on otherwise standard display designs.

Process Automation

Example Applications

  • Production Line Controls
  • Sequence Controls
  • Inspection and Quality Instrumentation

Motor and Machine Controls

Example Applications

  • AC Motor Controls
  • Calibration and Optimization Equipment
  • Sequencing and Automation

Power and Energy Controls

Example Applications

  • Regulatory Controls
  • Distribution Equipment
  • Generator Controls
  • Measurement Equipment

Pneumatic and Fluid Controls

Example Applications

  • Pump Controls
  • Injection Device Controls
  • Test and measurement (volume, pressure, etc)

Analyzers and Testers

Example Applications

  • Safety Equipment
  • Testing Instruments
  • Meters and Gauges
  • Lab Equipment