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Govt & Military

Military and Government Applications from OSD Displays

Government and military applications manufacturers benefit from OSD's industrial grade products, and dedication to keep product life-cycles as stable as possible on select products in our offerings. Products like OLED technology are an innovative solution that is solid-state technology independent of temperature dependence on display performance, it is ultra-thin and lightweight, and it is efficient on power for battery-based applications. Select TFT displays from OSD feature field-replaceable LED backlight for in-the-field long-term maintenance requirements. These types of features make OSD Displays an ideal partner for government and military applications.

Military Systems

Example Applications

  • Navigational Devices
  • Communication Devices
  • Cockpit Instrumentation
  • Imaging and Targeting

Traffic and Transportation Systems

Example Applications

  • Traffic Controls
  • Rail Controls
  • Indoor and Outdoor Signage

Access and Security Controls

Example Applications

  • Biometric Identification
  • Access Controls
  • Security and Thermal Imaging Devices

Logistical Systems

Example Applications

  • RFID and Logistical Tracing Systems
  • Rugged Handheld Terminals
  • Scanning Devices


Example Applications

  • Postal Vending Kiosks
  • Retail Lottery Terminals
  • Voting Systems