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OSD Displays has existed since August 2003 and is a leading manufacturer of custom OLED, TFT, and STN  displays. OSD has a wide variety of display solutions that are suitable for various end-customer applications. Our displays are broad in specification to maintain expectation and needs for a variety of industries.

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In August of 2003, Mr. Khuda established One Stop Displays ('OSD'). OSD is proud to feature advanced display technologies such as Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) enhanced AMLCD displays. OSD features both analog and digital solutions for aSi and LTPS TFT displays. One Stop Displays is also the premier source for Polymer Organic LED displays (pLED, or LEP) and Small Molecule Organic LED displays (SMOLED, or OLED). The company received a well received welcome to the industry, and has since broadened its US sales and engineering locations for providing its display products and manufacturing services.

In Q4 2004, OSD was divided to separate its products from its services. OSD was proud to introduce Universal EMS ('UEMS') dedicated to developing board assemblies, sub-assemblies, and even full OEM product development. Click on the services tab on the menu bar to learn more. OSD has since broadened its standard product line for monochrome, area color, and full color organic displays, and added additional TFT products for needs in surplus of 10-inch in diagonal.